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If you are a current employee please remember your log-in details: just walk up to anybody on the street wherever you are and ask, ‘Where are the animals?’


If they reply ‘they’re over there’ then you’ve started your shift.

New applications are always welcome.

Bangkok Zoo employees are based in first aid stations, ticket offices, interaction management booths, assigned to banner and sign placement duties, documentation, habitat maintenance, facilitation of animal movement, civilian negotiation and legal division, diplomatic/political accounts, animal permits and travel, future planning, charter examination to facilitate expansion.

For your records here is a copy of the welcome pamphlet offered to new employees, you'll be asked to memorise it and repeat it whenever required without pause.  

Welcome to the Bangkok Zoo! As a new employee, you are about to embark on an exciting and unique journey. This introduction manual will guide you through your role in placing signs and ensuring the smooth functioning of the zoo. Let's dive in!

Section 1: Understanding the Zoo

1.1 The Vision: Our zoo aims to blur the line between civilization and untamed wilderness, creating a captivating experience for visitors.

1.2 Exotic Animal Collection: We have imported a diverse range of exotic animals from around the world, showcasing the wonders of the animal kingdom.

1.3 The Zoo's Reputation: Over the years, the Bangkok Zoo has gained notoriety for its extraordinary experiment, attracting tourists seeking thrilling encounters with wildlife.


Section 2: Your Role as a Sign Placement Employee

2.1 Importance of Signage: Your primary responsibility is to ensure the proper placement of signs throughout the zoo. These signs serve as navigational aids, guiding visitors to ticket booths, information boards, and animal enclosures.

2.2 Safety First: It is crucial to prioritize the safety of visitors. Ensure that all signs are clearly visible, well-maintained, and properly positioned to prevent any accidents or confusion.

2.3 Attention to Detail: Pay close attention to the accuracy of the information on the signs. Visitors rely on them for vital details about animal species, feeding schedules, and special events.

2.4 Emergency Procedures: Familiarize yourself with emergency protocols, including evacuation routes and emergency contact information. Promptly report any safety concerns to the designated authorities.


Section 3: Zoo Dynamics

3.1 Visitor Interaction: Our zoo allows visitors to engage with the animals and explore their natural habitats. Be prepared to witness occasional encounters that highlight the precarious nature of this unique experiment.

3.2 Maintaining Professionalism: As an employee, maintain a courteous and helpful demeanor towards visitors. Address their queries, provide accurate information, and ensure a positive experience throughout their zoo visit.

3.3 Collaborative Environment: Work closely with fellow employees, including animal handlers, maintenance staff, and administrative personnel, to ensure smooth operations and enhance visitor satisfaction.


Section 4: The Zoo's Future

4.1 Growth and Innovation: The Bangkok Zoo continuously seeks to evolve and introduce new experiences for visitors. Embrace changes, stay updated on new exhibits, and contribute to the zoo's progressive vision.

4.2 Unveiling Mysteries: The zoo's origins and the mysterious figures behind its creation remain shrouded in intrigue. Embrace the enigma and maintain a sense of curiosity as you carry out your duties.

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